About us

FRITZ TOURISM was established by Anke Herrmann (born as Fritz). After 20 years of experience in product management with the tour operator DERTOUR in Frankfurt and FTI Touristik in Munich, and a  10 years on the board of the CTO German Chapter “AGK”, Anke Herrmann decided to share experiences and knowledge of hotels and tourism service providers.

Our mission is to support our customers. We are the bridge between the operators, travel agents and our customers. We like to deal with requests of the operators and travel agencies and support them in catalog creation and help with promotional activities such as road shows, training and customer evenings.

FRITZ TOURISM agreed with the customers a clearly defined plan, whether full service or project work. We define measurable goals, clear timetables and costs to create the appropriate budget. In focus will always be the goal to increase sales in the short, medium and long term.

We are happy to discuss with you options of market entry and growth strategies.

Anke Herrmann (nee Fritz)



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